About The Artist

Mohit Lakhani
Mohit Lakhani is an Abstract Expressionist.

Diagnosed at the age of 3 with severe Autism, Mohit had lived his whole life trying to imitate what he saw around him until his mother, Kamini Lakhani started to work on RDI (relationship development intervention) with him.

This program helps autistic children and adults in activating the part of their brain that allows them to perform everyday tasks independently and of their own aspirations.

A part of this training included breaking the patterns of observation and imitation that Mohit had learned over the years. One of the exercises was Kamini and Mohit would both be given some paper to paint. Kamini hid what she was doing to allow Mohit to fill the page with the colors of his choice. The results were astounding and lead to the discovery of Mohit’s artistic abilities.

Mohit’s artistic abilities were further honed by artist Sandeep Paradkar. Sandeep gently holds space for Mohit to let his potential emerge.

Mohit’s work can be described as pockets of reality in an inauthentic world. It is imbued with spiritual healing material that is communicated through his visceral strokes. He situates the viewer in the present moment by allowing them to experience and come to terms with their own truth.

Mohit is a very serene being and his work speaks to the process of going from raw, emotional pain to release and then relief and he takes the viewer through this journey with him, creating a cathartic experience and forever shifting something within them.

Mohit is here to teach us a valuable lesson about peace and love and he doesn’t require language to do so. It is truly a gift to be in the presence of his work. He gives people with special needs a voice in a society within which they are invisible, looked down upon or dehumanized.

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